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2017 Facilities Refurbishment Project

East County Broadcasting Inc (a non-profit 501(c)3) has the following needs for our facilities refurbishment. Much of the equipment that we have has been in service past the life expectancy and in some instances,were used devices when we purchased them. If you would like to make a tax deductable donation to purchase needs from this list, please contact our station manager chris at TheMountainFM.COM. He will provide you with the quote sheet from the vendor and provide any additional information you may need. Thank you for your kind consideration!


Smart-UPS SR1


BACK UP POWER SUPPLY. Our back up power supply units for the studios have failed. They were way out of expected service life when this occured. They served us well. These devices allow us to stay on the air in the event of power loss for 2 hours. The cost is about $1200 each and there is a need for 2 of them.

funded National-Electric-Works

Thank you to Travis Morgan of National Electric Works of San Diego for meeting this need. Our studios now have  2 back up power supply units.

bext XL-150



This transmitter is needed badly. Our existing transmitter has been in service since 1998. We got it as refurbished and used in 2008. Getting this new unit will allow us to take the existing transmitter out of service for refurbishment. Once refurbished it will be a back up unit in the event the existing transmitter needs servicing. We do not have a back up transmitter right now. The BEXT Transmitter company makes solid equipment and best of all, this was designed and engineered here in San Diego!! If we run in to any issues, they are local. Thank you for considering helping us with this immediate need! The transmitter is the lifeblood of any radio station. The quote on file is $4800 for this unit.

eas capps machine


Trilithic EASYCAP-B3030

This device is our direct connection to Homeland Security, If there was a National emergency or natural disaster, this device is triggered and important information is broadcast. This is a very important part of station operations and is required by the Federal Government. Sadly there is no discount for this device for struggling community stations. We pay the same price that the big stations do.This is a replacement unit for existing systems that have been in service for an extended period of time and came to us as used equipment. We like this device because it integrates 5 devices into one. It takes up less space and is more reliable than our existing system. The cost is $2300


BARIX 500 Exstreamer

This device allows us to send audio to our transmitter site. We currently use a microwave system that is in need of refurbishment. These boxes will fill the void while the refurbishment is taking place and serve as a backup audio feed in the event of equipment failure. The cost is $1,350 for the pair.


NEED FUNDED!!! Roger Crawford a listener/suporter from Park City, Utah has purchased these devices for us. We thank Roger for his support of community radio! THANKS ROGER!!

roger crawford